Marista Arquidiocesano


Article, Turkey wildfire Crisis (Student Showcase)

The idea of my final project was to be able to do a text that describe the current situation in the wildfires in Turkey, so I made an article about these topic, people should be alert for current world events, to update themselves about what is happening Daniela Ito

The crisis in Afghaninstan and what is necessary to do to help the Afghan people (Student Showcase)

The purpose of our final product is to explain what is happening in Afghanistan, especially what is necessary to do to help the Afghan people. Unfortunately, after the withdraw of the US troops, many people stopped to talk or care about what is happening in Afghanistan, but the crisis is […]

Where is the love during the pandemic? (Student Showcase)

The purpose of our entry is to make us reflect on how difficult it is to find love in our society after the important historical events that happened in 2020 and 2021. Other people should see it, because they would be inspired to change reality.Alice Oliveira and Beatriz Oliveira Student […]

Be your own boss (Student Showcase)

We created a new business of glasses. We use a Power Point answering the next questions: Who your intended audience/customer base will be?Who some of your competition is? How much money it will take to get your business started? How your business is structured/organized? Why you decided to become an […]

Letter of plans of policy (Student Showcase)

My final product is a letter to the president of the United States about my plans for domestic and foreign policy, ideas to help the cooperation with other nations for natural resources, and ways to avoid conflict.Renata Schmalb Amorim Student Product   More Details Centric Project 21st Century America – […]

How a teenager can survive in the second world war (Student Showcase)

Before hand for this project we learned about war and what soldiers would carry with them for war. So after learning these things and researching through the project “the things they carried”. I had to create a short story about war. Then i decided to make a serious but entertaining […]