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The Ability to drives nonexistent connection to schooling (Student Showcase)

My final product is an essay with my opinion on the debate whether or not a teens ability to get their drivers license should be affected by their success in school. Abigail Sessoms

Teen Depression (Student Showcase)

The idea behind the final product was give awareness and show others how to deal or help with someone who has depression and or anxiety. Samantha Gilbert

1058 squad (Student Showcase)

its a movie scene, it was showing part of a story for the wendigo. for it to be a thriller, might be something fun to read. Thomas Mantych

Dealing With Depression (Student Showcase)

It is a drawing of someone reaching out to someone else who is depressed. This is an important issue that affects everyone including teens. Paige Oliver

The Causes of World War I (Student Showcase)

It’s a page describing the causes that led to World War I. To create a presentation on these causes. It is history, it is important to learn, and I did a good job on it! Kyle Oliver

Rules of the Road (Student Showcase)

This is a personal finance project. I was tasked with reviewing and understanding various aspects of credit. People should check this out because credit is a big part of everyone’s life. Morgan Porter