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O PBL - Aprendizado Baseado em Projetos - ajuda os alunos a ir além da sala de aula. Eles se envolvem em situações e problemas da vida real. Compartilhar esses projetos publicamente pode causar impacto em suas comunidades e no mundo.

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Letter of plans of policy (Student Showcase)

My final product is a letter to the president of the United States about my plans for domestic and foreign policy, ideas to help the cooperation with other nations for natural resources, and ways to avoid conflict.Renata Schmalb Amorim Student Product   More Details Centric Project 21st Century America – […]

The American Atomic Bomb History (Student Showcase)

With the site I wanted to show people the whole story behind the atomic bombs. Try to make people understand why the explosion happened and the consequences of the attack.Carolina Guimaraes Soffiatti Student Product Visit website:   More Details Centric Project Impact Of Technology Content Area Social Studies Teacher […]

Understanding Money – For Children (Student Showcase)

In this Final Product, I made a child’s book to explain the American Economic System, explaining taxes and investments. I tried to make it the most simple and friendly to children, being an easy text to understand, with funny animations that would entertain the child reader.Enzo Cassettari Thomaz Student Product […]

How a teenager can survive in the second world war (Student Showcase)

Before hand for this project we learned about war and what soldiers would carry with them for war. So after learning these things and researching through the project “the things they carried”. I had to create a short story about war. Then i decided to make a serious but entertaining […]

The importance of the vaccine (Student Showcase)

this project talks about falses and true sources and how you identify if they are real or fake news. On this project to the final project, I choose to talk about vaccines because we are living one moment that everybody is talking about this and make fits about this topic, […]

Fruity Pebbles: The Bestest Band (Student Showcase)

For this project, I was supposed to create from scratch my own band and make up all of its identity, content, and marketing. I was so excited about this because I love music and design. Personally, I can only enjoy what requires my creativity. The band is based on me […]

Prom Night (Student Showcase)

I’m the owner of a business that helps troubled people go to prom by providing them with everything they need to be successful. People should read it because it’s creative and funny.Amanda Marques Student Product   More Details Centric Project Prom Night Content Area Area – English Language Arts Teacher […]

Letter to Queen Isabella (Student Showcase)

My final product is a letter to Queen Isabella, convincing her to fund the Columbus trip. My goals were to show that the Columbus trip was a great investment, and that lives could be preserved during this process. People should read my letter because I was really dedicated during this […]

The experience (Student Showcase)

My goal is to inform people about refugees and immigration, to help against poverty.Philipe Masa Dantas Goko Student Product   More Details Centric Project the experience-strands Content Area Area – English Language Arts Teacher Andrew School Integrado Areiao Country Brazil

The Great Depression (Student Showcase)

The main idea of the final product is to show the causes of the Great Depression and some actions that should have been taken to prevent it.Beatriz Biagi Student Product   More Details Centric Project Crashing the Party Content Area Area – Social Studies Teacher Andrew Ouma School Marista Arquidiocesano […]

A Star’s Journey (Student Showcase)

My final product is a virtual website showcasing different types of stars. Informing readers what stars are, how stars are formed, and much more. My goal while creating this website was to catch people’s eyes while teaching them about the wonders of space.Neela Morren Student Product Product Link: More […]

Age of Old (Student Showcase)

My product is a presentation about the different things that help us determine the age of Earth and the Solar System. My goal was to clearly describe each point in the presentation.Kaleigh Alspaugh Student Product More Details Centric Project Age of Old Content Area Science Teacher Beverly Henry School WAY […]

The Lottery (Student Showcase)

The project was about a book called The Lottery. Our goal was to do an essay where we should talk about some elements of the book and its meanings for us. People should read it because it is an exciting book and the story is fascinating.Kaue Kroschinsky Student Product More […]

WWII Newspaper (Student Showcase)

This final product is a newspaper about World War II, and some timelines as complements. My goal by creating this was informing people about these tragic but important events in a creative and didactic way, by simulating that the paper was from past decades and inserting readers into this reality. […]

Goldilocks and the New Bears (Student Showcase)

My final product is a children’s book inspired by Robert Southey’s original fairytale. It is meant to help kids – and, possibly, some adults – to learn more about the government in a fun and simple way. It has charismatic characters, intuitive lines and a entertaining storyline! Gabriela Xavier Student […]