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O PBL - Aprendizado Baseado em Projetos - ajuda os alunos a ir além da sala de aula. Eles se envolvem em situações e problemas da vida real. Compartilhar esses projetos publicamente pode causar impacto em suas comunidades e no mundo.

Trabalhos de Destaque

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Ted Talk (Student Showcase)

The Final Product that I chose was from Impact of Technology and in this final product I talked about if it was right for the U.S. to bomb Japan. My goal was to inform people about this disaster and to see if the U.S. were right for bombing Japan. I […]

The best movie ever (Student Showcase)

In a nutshell, my final product is about the movie Grown Ups 1, where I talk about the characters and their lives, give a brief summary and tell the part that I like the most. My goals were to convince people to watch the movie, and I think it’s interesting […]

Predatory gaming practices (Student Showcase)

These slides were made to enlighten people about the possible dangers in daily gaming practices. That’s because many consumers of these products don’t even realize the risks they are exposing themselves to, making it important for them to be warned about such an underrated topic. Alexia Varoveska

How changes to culture and environment have impacted the Detroit (Student Showcase)

With this project, I wanted to discuss how the various cultural and environmental changes in the city of Detroit helped change it, for worse. My goals were to show how “simple” things that happened in the past can set roots so deep that they follow through for a long time, […]

Sleepy Hollow – Epilogue (Student Showcase)

This project consisted of making a sequel to the end of a horror story called Sleepy Hollow. The end of this story leaves many mysteries in the air, so it was given the mission to close the story. I think I did a good job on this sequel, trying to […]

Are We Beautiful? (Student Showcase)

The project is about the question: Are We Beautiful? and about the beauty standards created in people’s mind. The goals are to show people that if you’re a good person, your appereance doesn’t matter. People should read my Final Product because tells about Photoshop and beauty standards, something that is […]

Crashing the Party (Student Showcase)

… reveal the warning signs of what causes financial crises Eduarda Kroschinsky

The unpredictable power of the American constitution. (Student Showcase)

In my final product I did an analysis of the American constitution and its value not only on the US but on the entire world. Mainly the points of the past that today are used differently, including guns, freedom of speech and more. People should see it to realize that […]

Lost in war (Student Showcase)

For the “The Things they Carried” project, I decided to build a short story based on multiple fragments of letters and documents, and I must say I’m quite proud of it. For some reason, when I open the PDF through the files, it comes all messy. If that happens when […]

the civil rights acts (Student Showcase)

in this work, i had to talk about the The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and important things that happend on it and who did it. my first point was to taalk about MLKjr who I think it was one of the most important person to participate of the moviment. […]

Impacts of war (Student Showcase)

It is a blog about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, my goals were to expose my point of view on what happened based on facts and the history. It’s important to see others points of view about important subjects. Marianna Rodrigues

Right & Obligation (Student Showcase)

My final product represents the struggle to achieve equality between men and women. In addition to being a basic human right, gender equality is also seen as one of the pillars of building a free society, fundamental to accelerating sustainable development. Júlia Machado

InsPETration, a coffee shop for you and your pet! (Student Showcase)

This was an economics project, where I had to create my own business or product. Me, with my project partner Bruna Shimosaka, decided to create something that we don’t have in our town, so we created the InsPETration, a coffee shop for you and for your pet to spend a […]

We all Scream for Ice Cream (Student Showcase)

My final product is about the science behind making ice cream. My goal was to thoroughly explain the science of ice cream making. Others should read it to inform themselves and find out something new. Vivian Lopez Product Link: Centric Project We all Scream for Ice Cream Content Area Sciences […]

U.S crises (Student Showcase)

The idea of this final product is to present the crises that U.S. faced. Sophia Mendes Magaldi

Documentary about what it means to be a refugee and what it means to belong (Student Showcase)

The idea behind my final product was to create a visual representation for the answers of the questions: what it means to be a refugee and what it means to belong. Sophia Gomes

Policts & Media (Student Showcase)

Try to make people understand more about how media affects politics and how politics affects media Gabriela Svolenski

Welcome to my Ice Cream Shop (Student Showcase)

The idea behind this final product is me explaining how enthalpy helps make ice cream. My goal for this product was to help people understand the chemistry behind ice cream. I think people should read my final product because I have some good information to show how enthalpy works in […]

The Science Behind Ice Cream (Student Showcase)

My project is an explanation of how science is used and partakes in the ice cream-making process. My goal is to provide brief but informational coverage so that we can all easily understand how ice cream is made. You should read my presentation if you are interested in ice cream […]

Science behind Ice Cream (Student Showcase)

This project is showing you the science behind making Ice Cream. It shows you how to make the ice cream and while you learn that it also teaches you how science is incorporated into making it Otoniel Ortiz

Civil Rights Magazine (Student Showcase)

The main idea was to create a digital magazine in order to punctuate better the topics and to simplify the reader’s comprehension in order to make it more accessible. My goal was to pay homage to some of those who fought for civil rights during the ’60s. The issues cover […]