English Language Arts


What’s your worst nightmare? (Student Showcase)

The main goal was to write a horror story, but in an innovating way, so I added a little bit of fantasy (a genre that I really enjoy reading). In this extent, the story is more interesting and compelling. Tayna Nascimento

The Ability to drives nonexistent connection to schooling (Student Showcase)

My final product is an essay with my opinion on the debate whether or not a teens ability to get their drivers license should be affected by their success in school. Abigail Sessoms

insPETration – Be Your Own Boss (Student Showcase)

This was a project for which we (me and Maria Fernanda) created our own business. We decided to create a cafeteria thinking about artists, inspiration, so we created the insPETration, a cafeteria with some things that can give you inspiration like paintings, music, and you can bring your pet to […]

Teen Depression (Student Showcase)

The idea behind the final product was give awareness and show others how to deal or help with someone who has depression and or anxiety. Samantha Gilbert

The history of the man that couldn’t say I love you (Student Showcase)

This is a history I created and I am very proud of how it came. The history has a big plot that makes you understand everything. You should read it. Maria Martins

The Restart (Student Showcase)

This is a short story called “The Restart” I wrote last year. In this, I tried to bring some elements from my experience as a reader. So, with that story I wanted to catch the reader’s attention and surprise them with the ending, after all, who doesn’t like to be […]

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