The crisis in Afghaninstan and what is necessary to do to help the Afghan people (Student Showcase)

The purpose of our final product is to explain what is happening in Afghanistan, especially what is necessary to do to help the Afghan people. Unfortunately, after the withdraw of the US troops, many people stopped to talk or care about what is happening in Afghanistan, but the crisis is […]

Where is the love during the pandemic? (Student Showcase)

The purpose of our entry is to make us reflect on how difficult it is to find love in our society after the important historical events that happened in 2020 and 2021. Other people should see it, because they would be inspired to change reality.Alice Oliveira and Beatriz Oliveira Student […]

Impactful Poetry (Student Showcase)

The final product is an essay about the power behind Tupac’s poems and their message. It is a helpful guide to others about the different emotions that words can express, especially if the theme is a controversial one as his poems reflect on African-American oppression. Furthermore, it is a cry […]

Letter to the President of The United Statese (Student Showcase)

The idea behind my FP was to make myself a time traveler to the year of 1913, one year before World War I starts, and to send a letter to President Woodrow Wilson with the purpose of explaining the conflict and convincing him to not enter the war.Luis Dalmas Student […]

Behind the Great Depression (Student Showcase)

This Final Product is a great way to go trough the story of the financial crises in the 1920’s and to learn about the Great Depression, not only to understand history and society but also to know how you can approach easily the subject of financial crises.Lorenzo Lacerda e Silva […]

Crashing the Party (Student Showcase)

The project is about the historical events in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 2008 economies, what caused the Great Depression and the Great Recession, and how to learn from history so a depression or recession doesn’t happen again.Gabriel Rodrigues de Deus Abad Student Product More Details Centric Project Crashing the Party- […]

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