My favorite movie (Student Showcase)

This Final Product is a video from Youtube that I have done, in which I discuss about the movie “Race”. So in this video I explain the theme of the movie, showing my favorite scene and things like that. Other people should watch/listen to this video because it talks about […]

Prom Night (Student Showcase)

It’s a whole package with all you need to shine in Prom night. My goals were to acchieve people that are excluded. People should read it, because it’s full and really detailed. Maia Di Mauro

Analyzing “ Why happiness is healthy” by Elizabeth Landau (Student Showcase)

The text is analyzing an article and its language, content, and structure. Other people should see it to learn how to properly analyze a text and see if it is good to take information from. Maria Luisa Arriel

Party Planning (Student Showcase)

It’s time to Party! The party is going to be run on Friday, 4th of December, with all Middle School Ph students (Botafogo, Barra, Freguesia, Tijuca and Icaraí), divided by class shifts: Morning and Afternoon. Let’s work in collaboration? For this Final Product you will need to choose which category […]

Final Product – Rotate and Run (Student Showcase)

Your task in this final product is to make a public service announcement or PSA. Your PSA needs to answer the question, “How do we make sure natural resources are available to everyone?” The work you have done in the steps and modules of this project should have laid the […]

Create a virtual Art gallery (Student Showcase)

In this activity you will create your own virtual art gallery based the criteria you created in Module 1 and using the images you uploaded in step 1. Lara Yumi

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